Your advantages

Miles Binz Shipping: Our services


  • Price per Unit: You do not pay a lump-sum, but only for actual services adduced
  •  Fixed, calculable project costs
  •  Miles Binz Shipping is continually seeking for the most economical transport mode adapted to your specific needs


  • We take care of time-consuming bureaucratic procedures: from the registration to customs declaration, including LC-compliant documentation.
  • Using our complete service package will allow you to concentrate your time and effort on your core activities and help you grow your business more quickly than if you were also having to manage your own logistics operation.

Better Service

  • Everything from a single source: each customer receives a personal account manager
  • Necessary information is transparent and always quickly at hand
  • Request handling, disposition and billing are being processed from just one source
  • Capable and qualified specialist personnel allows us to maintain these high standards
  • Miles Binz Shipping is committed to delivering its customers’ goods in a careful and timely manner

Greater independence

  • Modular transportation services – we also carry out suborders
  • Miles Binz Shipping is not tied to a specific forwarder: we always select the cheapest route of transportation and the most economical type of transportation with first-class service

More Safety

  • Miles Binz Shipping collaborates worldwide with renowned partner organizations
  • Each transport is monitored by us and may be insured upon your request.

More Transparency

  • Full transparency of costs, distances and times
  • proper organization and supervision of your transportation requirement from the receipt of order up to delivery