Miles Binz Shipping

Code of Cooperation

is to be adhered to by all members Network PartnersThe Partner hereby agrees to abide by the terms of Miles Binz Shipping Code of Cooperation throughout the entirety of their cooperation.
As a Network Partner in good standing with Miles Binz Shipping, we fully subscribe to the business ethics and
standards regarding dealings with us as follows:

To respect and support fellow members to the fullest extent possible and be active in sales endeavours for mutual growth.

To use standard operating and security procedures between each other, and where possible, to use a
mutually agreed upon contract or an agreement with written confirmation or email.

To pay all monies quoted and Invoiced in the same currency due to or between members within the agreed
period. The sending agent agrees to all bank charges unless agreed otherwise and is responsible to make
sure they send payments to the correct bank account.

I acknowledge that the destination Agent is responsible for the protection and remittance of all freight collect
charges. Granting of credit to a Consignee is solely at the Destination Agent's risk unless agreed otherwise.

To be adequately staffed for the highest level of service and not engage or participate in activities that
we know or should have known that the movement, contents, or other aspects of the transaction were
illegal by either the importing, exporting or transiting countries laws.

To operate by following all stated shipping advice in writing and or comply with any written agreements
and/or contracts existing between my company and another member. Any agreements made
with Social Media communications must be supported in writing, such as contracts or emails.

To promptly respond to all communications (within a reasonable time) and quote rates with precise details.

Share profits according to prior agreements or written agency contracts with another member. For any
additional unforeseen charges, storage, demurrage, fines etc., at cost along with original invoice/receipt.