The Global Affinity Alliance is committed to the highest level of professionalism and honesty between members. Prospective members will be required to sign a document stating adherence to the group’s code of ethics.

Members of the GAA are expected to:

  • Support fellow members to the fullest extent possible.
  • Use mutually agreed upon contracts written agreements whenever possible.
  • Settle payments in the same currency quoted and/or invoiced within the agreed period of time with the agreed-upon time period. Sender is responsible for bank fees unless otherwise agreed.
  • Actively sell for mutual growth and provide bona fide sales leads.
  • Respect other members’ existing customer bases and confidential business data.
  • Refrain from back solicitations.
  • Maintain sufficient levels of staffing to provide the highest possible service.
  • Avoid illegal activities and abide by the laws and regulations imposed by the countries of import, export or transshipment.
  • Respond promptly to all communications and rate quotation requests.
  • Honor reimbursement requests from other members.
  • Report delinquencies and disputes between members to GAA leadership.
  • Support the GAA’s participation in dispute resolution by providing relative and necessary documentation.



Global affinity allicance

is a dynamic network, designed specifically to open up new opportunities for a range of companies - from the young and ambitious, to those that are more established and seek a close-knit and vibrant environment. All members are provided with the opportunity to grow, alongside the network, as a prominent early member.GAA provides a unique platform for its members to stand out from the competition, especially in highly saturated markets. Every member company of GAA is offered comprehensive financial protection, including when working with companies from affiliated networks - WCAworld and Lognet Global. In addition, members can take full advantage of the industry-leading benefits and programmes developed over the past two decades by WCA.

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