Transport performance

Road Express

Trucks are the backbone of the transport industry

From heavy truck tractors on to small trucks under 7.5 tonnes – our transport division can take on every challenge. Most large economic centers can only be reached by truck. Goods from overseas have to be transported to our warehouse first in order to be loaded into containers, and from there onto trucks.

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Miles – Road Express

We can offer you the most suitable complete truck load possibilities at any time. We are connected to several freight exchange systems and can therefore ensure that our customers receive their requsted loading space. Our dangerous goods representative controls is always at your disposal if you need our know-how or consultation concerning the transport of dangerous goods. During the entire transport process we guarantee our customer the highest possible transparency and ensure that all deadlines are met. Our Miles – Road Express Service is particularly suitable for the transport of time-critical goods.

Miles – Partial road transportation

You are looking for the perfect partial road transport service for handling the import and export of your air and seafreight transportation for commodities? Miles – Partial road transport provides you wihin Europe with a fast, cost-effective and comprehensible transport route. You only pay for services actually supplied and the cost actually incurred for the cargo space you need for your delivery. Our closely knit network covered by contracts with subcontractors and a daily comparison of available vehicles enables our experienced dispatchers to perform bookings at any time.

Miles – Consolidated road transportation

Our service for groupage transports within the European Hub-Traffic System ranks among the most efficient transportation solutions in the marketplace. The collection from one day to the next is as natural to us as the fastest possible delivery and adherence to reliable delivery. All groupage shipments are carried out overnight to distribution centers allowing that delivery can be done on the next working day. We can also assist with additional support such as palletisation, marking or sorting without significant expense. Certainly we also take care of the sea and airfreight including all customs formalities, in case your goods are destined for the import or export.