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Miles - Air freight

Air freight is is characterised by speed, efficiency, reliance and planning security. If your shipment needs to be transported particularly quickly, air freight should be the first choice.Regardless of whether you are interested in minimum shipments, or if high-class racing cars have to be brought to another operation site: speed and efficiency are fundamental building blocks for our success.

Of course we offer full coverage including entire customs action which we take care of for you.

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Miles – Express Air Freight

Our experienced transport managers dispatch your important goods at the fastest flight path. The focus of our attention is a fast order fulfilment in due time combined with safe delivery of your urgent air freight to any destination on time. For the purpose of intermediate examination, air waybills are available prior to the departure date whereas transport documents shall be completed immediately after delivery. Miles Binz urgent air freight is suitable for all kinds of goods which have to be placed immediately at the disposal of the consignee. Our support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to fulfill your requirements more accurately and efficiently.

Miles – air economy

Our air economy system ensures that your airfreight consignment will be carried out over the nearest international airport. Regular shipping times usually do not exceed 76 hours until destination airport. The air waybills are available prior to departure whereas the transfer document should be provided immediately after delivery to the site. We are taking advantage of the most attractive conditions we receive of selected airline companies, in all effort to offer you the best deal.

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Miles – Parcel shipment

Miles Binz offers you a first-class range of services covering all aspects of domestic, European and international parcel delivery. On-time delivery and perfect accessibility to your consultant are our trademarks. As an additional option, you can also choose the exact date of delivery.

Miles – Charter flight

Miles Binz charter flight offers an alternative and special solution for air shipments, which cannot be transported at scheduled flights due to their size or importance. Furthermore our long-term and successful business connections to international partners enables us to reach the remotest parts of the world through charter flights.

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Miles – On Board Courier Service

The transport as hand luggage of extremely important goods or documents ensures a smooth and timely dispatch. OBC shipments are handled by our knowledgeable and dedicated professionals who are specialized in the transportation of urgent consignments. MB-On Board Courier Service will take care of the transportation of your urgent documents from the moment of pick up until final delivery.